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SaunaLife Model S4N Wood-Fired Hot Tub

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SaunaLife Model S4N Wood-Fired Hot Tub

The SaunaLife SOAK-Series Model S4N with a natural wood finish represents the very best in wood-burning hot tub quality, efficiency, and luxury.

Ready for a soak

The Model S4N Wood-Fired Hot Tub arrives completely assembled and is easy to set up. Its ergonomically shaped fiberglass tub is a comfortable place for up to 6 people. The interior surface is easy to clean, and the exterior is crafted from thermally enhanced spruce for superior weather resistance and durability.

Engineered for efficiency and performance

Engineered and crafted in Northern Europe, this super-efficient hot tub heats in 1/3 of the time as traditional wood-fired hot tubs. No electrical connection is required.

At the heart of the Model S4N is its ingenious self-cleaning corrugated stove with a secondary chamber that transfers heat from the smoke – reducing wood consumption by up to 50% compared with other hot tubs. The air between the fiberglass lining and the wood exterior is super-heated to accelerate the heating process.

The stove is cleverly engineered to draw cooler water through a lower channel and redistribute it though an upper channel to equalize the temperature.

Start enjoying sooner

This incredibly efficient wood stove will heat 304 gallons of water from 40°F (5°C) to 95°F (35°C) in 1.5 to 2 hours – the fastest-heating wood burning hot tub available.

Relax with friends and family in the rustic luxury of your Model S4N wood-burning hot tub from SaunaLife.

SaunaLife Logo

SaunaLife was founded by a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about soaking and are committed to sharing their knowledge of its life-changing benefits.

Recognizing the high costs of home sauna and hot tub construction, SaunaLife turned to the birthplace of sauna to uncover Scandinavian materials, designs, and construction techniques to create relaxing spaces in the essence of the “Nordic way."

SaunaLife hot tubs are constructed with beautiful woods from Northern Europe and embody the Scandinavian passion for sauna heritage and craft. Our wooden materials are sustainably sourced, more durable, and lower in price. Our tireless efforts have significantly reduced construction time and costs, while improving quality and passing the savings onto you.


SaunaLife SOAK SERIES Model S4N Outdoor Wood Burning Hot Tub
  • Thermo-Spruce materials (lasts up to 2X longer than Cedar)
  • Ergonomically designed for outdoor hot tub bathing 
  • Arrives fully assembled and no electricity required (eco-friendly)
  • Spacious interior holds over 304 gallons of water 
  • Thick dark grey contoured fiberglass lining provides enhanced bather comfort
  • Stainless steel wood-burning heater utilizes dual heat compartments for unmatched efficiency
  • Rapid Response Heat-Up: prepares water to ideal temperatures in under 2-hours
  • Wood-burning heater constructed of 304 stainless steel
  • Polished stainless steel chimney with protection
  • Durable Thermo-Spruce tub surround (1.65” thick)
  • Superior thermal resistance (R-value) to retain heat
  • Matching Thermo-Spruce wood steps for easy access
  • Extra thick steel reinforced foam cover, folds for ease of removal and storage
  • Dark grey marine grade vinyl top cover
  • Integrated hot tub drainage tap
  • Up to 6 bathers
  • Exterior dimensions – 79" diameter and 37” high
  • Interior dimensions – 71" diameter and 33” deep
  • Designed by SaunaLife and handcrafted in Northern Europe

Thermo-Spruce Material Advantages

  • Lasts up to 2X longer than Cedar
  • Superior thermal resistance (R-value)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ideal for water use (stable)


  • Fully assembled hot tub 
  • Steps 
  • Insulated cover  
  • Drainage with tap 
  • Polished stainless steel chimney 
  • Chimney cap 



    We're a SaunaLife Authorized Dealer, which means your sauna comes with a SaunaLife Limited Lifetime Warranty. You'll know your purchase is guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship under normal conditions of use for the lifetime of your product.


    Sauna Life warrants that the Sauna Life sauna shall be free from defects in workmanship under normal conditions of use and service for the lifetime of the sauna for residential applications after delivery to the original retail purchaser. This warranty is limited to making good any factory assembled component which in the judgment of Sauna Life is deemed defective in workmanship. The warranty does not cover normal material wear, natural weathering of the lumber, or installation or delivery of components and applies only to the original retail purchaser.

    Click here to read the full SaunaLife Limited Lifetime Warranty

    If you need to make a warranty claim or have any questions about the operation of your sauna, please email us at or use the contact form here.

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